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Warm and Welcoming: 6 Reasons Why People are Moving to Minnesota

Say hello to Minnesota Nice

Say hello to Minnesota Nice

The great state of Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Lakes, is the 12th largest and the 22nd most populous state in the US. As the northernmost state after Alaska, Minnesota is known for its cold climate, which is counterbalanced by the warmth of its comfort food, the gorgeousness of the surroundings, the opportunity to thrive, and the lovely people.

If you’re thinking of moving to The North Star State, here’s what you need to know:

The Cost

The houses here don’t cost as much as homes in major cities like Los Angeles, New York, or Chicago. While prices are higher than the national average, the average annual pay in Minnesota is also slightly higher than the national average. The average rent in the city is from $1,400-$1500, while rent in places like St. Cloud, which is outside the metropolitan area, ranges from $500-800.

The Climate

Minnesota has a continental climate, with an annual low temperature averaging 37.2°F and average highs of 55.1°F. Due to its geographic location, Minnesota is one of the states in the U.S. with the most variation when it comes to the seasons. During winter, temperatures can plummet to -60°F. Then again, even if the winters require some getting used to, the charm of the locale certainly makes up for it.

The Food

Minnesotan boasts an exceptionally wide range of comfort food that can rival those from the southern states. Spectacular comfort food choices from some of the best restaurants in Minnesota include:

  • Fried walleye burgers slathered in tartar sauce
  • Tater tot hotdish and cream of mushroom soup
  • Swedish meatballs
  • Venison
  • Booyah, a tomato-based stew that is cooked outdoors in a giant vat and typically requires a group of people to make it

The latter, especially, speaks of the heart of the North Star State, where the community gathers to provide warmth and sustenance for all.

The People

Minnesotans are so friendly and polite, the term “Minnesota Nice” had to be invented for them. Locals will immediately treat new neighbors as part of the family. Potlucks and backyard get-togethers are the norm, so get ready to share your home-cooked meals with your newly extended family. Minnesotans often joke that their niceness can be quite a shock to people from out of state who are used to assertive talk and impersonal behavior.

The Diversity

Minnesota is a hotpot of cultures, with roots tracing back to Scandinavian Americans, German Americans, Irish Americans, Czechoslovak Americans, Native Americans, along with other ethnicities who have settled in the state. The growth in diversity is best illustrated in St. Paul Public Schools, where 128 languages were spoken in 2017. A local demographer says Minnesota is simply catching up with the rest of the US when it comes to their increasingly diverse populations.

The Fun Things to Do in Minnesota

The state’s biggest event is the annual Great Minnesota Get-Together, a state fair that is attended by approximately two million people. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the state and features livestock barn displays, food kiosks, farm equipment displays, concerts, comedy shows, and art exhibits.

The state also boasts many parks, recreational areas, campsites, and hiking trails. Meanwhile, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area is considered to be Minnesota’s arts capital as it houses the state’s major art museums. Some places to visit in Minnesota are:

  • Voyageurs National Park has several lakes and islands and offer ranger-guided tours
  • The Como Park Zoo and Conservatory beautifully melds a zoo with gardens and kid-friendly attractions
  • The Science Museum of Minnesota features everything from the science of sports to an experiment gallery, films, and special kid-friendly events
  • Walker Art Center offers guided tours to view examples of the visual, performing, and media arts which the center has been collecting since 1940.
  • The Nickelodeon Universe theme park, located in the Mall of America, is a massive shopping complex with hundreds of stores and some of the best restaurants in Minnesota, plus a sprawling aquarium

Living in Minnesota means you’re sure to find something that fits your interests. Whether it’s ice fishing, camping, hiking, attending festivals or concerts, community cooking, or going to parks and museums, there’s so much to see and do in the great and very nice state of Minnesota.

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