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Know Minnesota Before Making That Move

If you’re looking for somewhere to live then it doesn’t get much better than Minnesota. Living in Minnesota offers a great quality of life whether you live in the Twin Cities, in a rural area, or even up in the mountains. Here’s what you need to know about Minnesota before making that move.

  1. The Economy Could be Better

    Minnesota is just out of the top ten for the unemployment rate, coming in at tied-11th with their 4% unemployment rate. The state has some strong worker-friendly policies and a healthy minimum wage of $9.50 for large employers. It’s not all good though, as Minnesota is also struggling to bring in new residents and the economic protections for employment and productivity for private-sector employees leave a lot to be desired.

  2. The People are Friendly

    One of the best parts about living in Minnesota is the people. They are so famously nice that the phrase “Minnesota Nice” was coined to express how far the good people go for random strangers. Don’t be surprised by how friendly your neighbors are after you move in. It’s just how Minnesota works.

  3. The State Education System is Solid

    If you’ve got kids or are interested in your own education then consider Minnesota. The Minnesota Office for Higher Education says that Minnesota ranks second behind Massachusetts in terms of percentage of people (48% and 51% respectively) with an associate degree or higher.

  4. Minnesotans Enjoy the Cabin Life

    Whether Minnesotans have inherited a family cabin or just bought their own, they love spending time in cabins over the summer. One of the most fun things to do in Minnesota is head away from the city and spend some time in the mountains or by the lake.

  5. All the Fun of the Fair

    If you’re looking for activities to do in Minnesota then the Minnesota State Fair has you covered. There’s plenty of other incredible fairs and festivals happening all year round too. The state is big on tradition and they are always adopting new traditions so there’s always something exciting happening.

  6. Lots of Hiking Opportunities

    Minnesotan people are active by nature. It’s hardly surprising to learn that the state has a lot of hiking and biking opportunities. Hiking is another one of the staple activities to do in Minnesota. Just put on your boots, grab your bike, and get out there!

  7. Property Values Fluctuate From Place to Place

    Property values in Minnesota are generally fair and affordable, but there’s a lot of variance between towns. Of course, a property in a suburb of the Twin Cities is going to fetch more money than a simple farm up north. Still, Minnesota is a wonderful place to live.

  8. Minnesota is Remarkably Progressive

    Minnesota is more progressive than some may realize. The state has a progressive income tax and the minimum wage is higher than the federal standard. The state is working on freezing tuition fees for public higher education and the state is governed by a progressive.

  9. You Have to Try the Caribou Coffee

    Looking for the best restaurants in Minnesota? Just head to your nearest Caribou Coffee. Anyone who has been to Minnesota, or even stopped by an airport in the state, knows how good the coffee there is. There’s also a lot of other off-chain coffee shops and plenty of fine eats to be found in Minnesota.

  10. The Income Tax Is Kinda Steep

    Minnesota has a high-income tax rate compared to other states. If you are making the move to Minnesota from somewhere without state income taxes, then be sure to factor in the cost of those taxes when negotiating a salary.

  11. Minnesota is Diverse

    Minnesota is hardly the most diverse of these United States, but it is becoming progressively more and more diverse. The foreign-born population in the state is growing and the residents-of-color is the fastest-growing segment of the population of Minnesota.

  12. You’ll Know the Accent When You Hear It

    The oft-mocked Minnesotan accent is a very real thing and you’re going to hear it. You’ll notice it as soon as you move to the state. Who knows, maybe you’ll even start doing it yourself. Much like other regional accents, the Minnesota accent is slowly starting to disappear so make the most of it now.

Final Thoughts

Minnesota is filled with friendly people and offers a high standard of living. There are mountains, lakes, and lots of other great places to visit in Minnesota too. We’re sure you’ll love the natural beauty and lifestyle of living in Minnesota.

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